Ian Borbolla, CPA

Founder and Principal

Ian Borbolla, CPA Accountant

Ian Borbolla, a distinguished Certified Public Accountant, is the founder and driving force behind Digital Tax Group, PLLC. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration specializing in Finance from Florida International University and a Master’s degree in Accounting from Nova Southeastern University, Ian’s profound understanding of finance and accounting has been the cornerstone of his career.

Ian began his career in the mortgage industry, quickly establishing himself as a proficient loan officer and mortgage broker. His insights into both residential and commercial mortgages set the stage for his later achievements.

In response to the 2008 financial crisis, Ian transitioned to a pivotal role at a prominent law firm, managing the Loss Mitigation Department. His leadership was instrumental in preventing the foreclosure of over 600 homes, demonstrating his capacity for impactful decision-making and understanding in an ever-changing landscape.

Ian’s journey further led him to the Florida State Auditor General’s office, where he served as a State Auditor. Here, he conducted significant financial audits, including for the Monroe County School District and the Florida Keys Community College, showcasing his commitment to public service and financial integrity.

Building on his extensive experience, Ian established Digital Tax Group, PLLC. This firm specializes in a broad range of services including accounting, income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, and tangible tax, with a focus on medical, legal, real estate, and e-commerce sectors. The firm is renowned for serving a diverse clientele, including professional small business owners and high-net-worth individuals, both domestically and internationally.

Certifications and Languages:

Certified Public Accountant
QuickBooks ProAdvisor Languages
Fluent in English and Spanish, enabling effective communication with a diverse range of clients.


Ian Borbolla’s approach to accounting is rooted in a philosophy of providing personalized, strategic financial guidance. He is dedicated to building lasting relationships with clients, guiding them towards achieving their financial objectives with integrity and foresight.